Buying stock aluminum and plastic

Hello all,
I am new here and am wanting to see if anybody has any good distributors for aluminum and plastic stock. Thanks in advance.

Try They have a lot of sheets and bars. Good selection of industrial hardware too… .


If you are in Canada, metal supermarket…if they have a store in your city, their off cuts are sold at a discount. In the US! McMaster Carr as was suggested or onlinemetals, metal supermarket , etc



Yep I use McMaster Carr I live pretty close so I can normally get my packages in a day or two. I’ve also bought a 6061 aluminum plate off amazon and it was perfect for my needs.

For cast acrylic (which is best for routing & milling) I use Delvies Plastic in Utah.

I will second McMaster Carr. Also Alro Steel ( if you have one in your area has great selection of metals and plastic.

In the UK: I’ve found metals4u reliable and friendly. Not tried others, but I had to start somewhere.

Years ago I ran a glass shop. We always had lots of plexiglass cut offs. We also bought lots of aluminum from our suppliers far cheaper than what I’ve seen it being sold at steel suppliers near our shop. I would go to a couple local shops and see what they have. Plus no shipping costs (which is what kills buying metal on-line). Our aluminum suppliers gave us books full of extrusions with almost every shape.

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Hi are you in Toronto , Ontario?
If so I use Metal Supermarket for my stock aluminum and Johnson Plastic ( #1 ) for all my plastic stuff or Plastic World when my main place is out of stuff.
Hope this helps.

I appreciate that information. I often go to my local Metal Supermarket - they usually what I need in stock, and sell the small quantities I need at a price I can afford. I will look at Johnson Plastic for future purchases to see what they have.

Johnson plastic is near Parklawn and lakeshore
Great mix of everything been dealing with them for 20 plus years . You can buy sample size stuff or if you need stuff cut.