Cable Shielding in Drag Chain

I know it is generally ill advised to do so but, I plan to use 15x40mm chain with properly shielded axis cables located on the opposite side of the router cable within the drag chain. Hopefully, the added air gap and shielding should provide more than enough protection from voltage spikes.

Has anyone actually experienced EMF interference with properly shielded stepper cables running parallel to the router power cable within their drag chain mod.

Hi Phil - I have not done it with my OF yet, but my X-Carve was set up that way and operated perfectly for years. I know others have the OF set up that way, and I have not heard of any issues. Hopefully some of them will weigh in.


Thanks, that was my suspicion as well. I may also employ extra shielding in the router power supply cable as an extra precaution for keeping it as quiet as possible.