Drag chain/positioning problems

Having a background in commercial high speed doors that employ VFD’s, standard practice was to isolate high voltage cables from low voltage cables via separate conduits, 6” apart. Note: the high voltage cable was shielded. If run together, in close proximity or in same conduit, phantom issues typically occurred. Relative to machines with the Makita router, I see no issue with its power cord and stepper motor cords being in the same drag chain being a single phase setup. I bought the drag chain kit from Route 1 Wood Design with cables, which are shielded. If I have any phantom issues moving forward, I’ll invest in a shielded cable for the router. VFD’s create anomalies relative to low voltage circuits, I’m no electrical engineer, just a guy with real world experience. Best advice for anyone with drag chain setups and phantom positioning problems, separate the high and low voltage cables, run the machine and see if problem go away.

Thanks for the insight. I am very interested in any imperial evidence of EMI and coupling in the drag chains. Right now all I see/hear is speculation.