Makita router cord on journeyman

I am curious what folks are doing for the router power cable with the journeyman. I saw mitz’s solution where he bought and spliced a coiled cord in as well as someone else who mentioned they bought a coil with a 10’ tail. I was hoping to run it through the drag chain like I had on the woodworker.

The cord that comes on the router is not long enough to do both an x and y drag chain.

Worst case I will order a very flexible preferably shielded cord somewhere. Of course if I go the coiled route I don’t need a drag chain on x but I never really liked having that swinging around back there.

I used a 15x30 drag chain from Amazon. Unsnapped the cover links and but the coiled cord of the router, laser cables and air assist line for my laser in it. Snapped the covers on and all worked fine.

I wound the router’s power cable into the coiled cable on my Journeyman X50. It seems to be working fine for now. Eventually, I plan on getting the drag chains for all of the cables.

I had done the same on my woodworker initially. I would be concerned with wear on the sheath and it also actually hung up and would pinch at times.

I am also contemplating a sliding hanger trolley for the dust hose and cord above the axis.

I installed the X and Y drag chains. For the router cord, I bought a black 15amp extension cord and cut the female end off, removed the stock router cord, and attached the extension cord.

Later, with worries of EMI, I designed and printed replacement snap on covers for the drag chains. These covers have small rounded projections on them that hang into the drag chain cavity where the wires would run. These projections keep the power cord on one side of the drag chain and my signal cables on the other side leaving about 1/2 inch of open space between the router power and signal cables.

I have had no issues so far and everything is working as I would expect.


Did you find a longer cord? Links?

Did you ever find a clean solution for extending your router power cord through the x + y drag chains? I think I’m leaning towards splicing in a 10’ 15amp heavy duty extension power cord. Thanks!

That is what I did and it worked great! I bought a replacement power cord from Home Depot and wires it right to the router?

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