Makita cord on the journeyman

I got the machine actualy running today I saw it move under its own power at last. but I noticed that the cord for the router will just barely reach the left rear corner of the machine where i put the rowdy roman hose boom. i had to use a one foot extention cord . I have a few of them so it is ok but i just wondered did i get an exceptionaly short cord?

No, the cords are only 6’, sounds like yours is standard.

You can save some length(inches) by routing it through the rowdy roman boom, and not the factory hold down on top of the z slider, right out of the router - just remember to leave some slack here for up/down movement.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to a longer cord, or utilize the extension that you currently have, or place your power bar/plug, near the left hand corner.

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I just bought a 15’ black extension cord from Home Depot and replaced the existing cord. Took 5-10 minutes or so.

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I swapped my cord out like Matt suggested with an extension cord rated the same as the factory (forget what that is off hand). The Makita comes apart pretty easy to see where the wire terminals are. This, but extension cable and cut the unneeded end off to expose the wires I also took the opportunity to put in a little piece of foam on the top that compresses the speed dial like this person did

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thanks everyone. It’s not so much a problem but is something that surprised me as i had not seen this talked about before i ran into it . I thought i had read just about every post on the forum …guess not lol
i did the release the wire from the top cap solution and i plan to replace the wire soon. again thanks