How did y'all cable-manage your router?

Since the power cable for my Makita router is not super long, it now travels from the router, through the X rail drag chain, then sort of dangles out the end of that. I connected an extension cord from that to the power box, but it seems like I might be missing the point. How do y’all connect your router to the power box?

I extended my Makita router cable using 3 pin “waterproof” connectors. (Makita only uses 2 pins)

As the Makita can break down - I thought the easiset way to keep cutting - is to split the cable close to the router itself. So I split the cable right after the top cable mount.

Then I pulled a new cable all the way through the drag chain - and terminated in the power supply.

But that maybe? gave me some issues with Z noise on a carving. So I have just finished setting up power cable running over my RowdyRoman “dust extractor cable path” so away from drag chain cables. (I do not understand why cables in drag chain are not in an isolated and grounded braid - that does seem slightly optimistic as it is supposed to be prepped for router power running alongside)

Her is the male/female “connectors” i’m using for the router:

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The other benefit of using the connector is you can quickly dismount the router - and plug it in to use as a handheld. I used the “original” left over cable as a “hookup” for handheld router use. So it takes me less than 1 minute to turn the router back into a handheld unit.

As current to the Makita router is limited to about 700 watt the connectors above are more than adequate as they are fine until 13A/230V.

I like Kaz’s 3 pin connector approach but I decided to add a simple extension cable into the drag chains. The router’s cable is then wound up and wire tied at the exit of the X axis chain where it plugs into the extension cord. Not very elegant looking but it allows for quick change of the router should it need to be replaced.

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