Upgrade Makita Router Plug With Coil Cord

DISCLAIMER: I am not, have not, nor claim to being an Electrician, Electrical Engineer, employee of UL, or of having more than 2 brain cells to mash together. That said, this if for “informational purposes only” if you decide to jump off the cliff with me… proceed at you own risk, electricity is dangerous!

Glad we got that out of the way! Now onto the fun stuff.

As I’m sure a lot of you agree the darn cord on the Makita is great for trim routing, horrible for CNC work… So I got rid of mine.

First off you will need to get one of the coil cords I (and others have discussed) and disassemble your Makita (took me a total of 4 min for this part) Remove the 4 screws on the bottom of the router and then slice your factory label with an X-acto knife (THIS PROBABLY VOIDS YOUR MAKITA WARRANTY, as if this whole thread doesn’t already do that)

Remove the 2 screws that hold the cord and cord stress relief. Then strip off one end of the Coil cord (DO NOT CUT IT SHORTER) loosen the 2 set screws on the connector and remove the factor cord & stress relief.

Next: Run the cord through the stress relief and through the old cord path, and connect the black wire to the black and white to white, tighten screws. Fit the stress relief back in its retaining slot and put the router back together.

Then using your amazing solder/shrink wrap/taping skills take the old end of the router cord (I would cut off the last 4" as it gets pretty smashed from being in the keeper) and attach it to the other end of your beautiful Coil Cord… BAM (If I only had on my white Chef’s apron) you have a router with a nice long cord of which the first 6’ is coil city.

Reinstall your router in the Z-Axis and I (already having removed the old cord from the OF keeper plate it was originally routed through) then I took a black zip-tie and wrapped the cord just before the first loop and stuck it through the old cord track. Then, cut the very end off of a 2nd zip-tie and used it as a nut (if you will) to retain the zip-tie and adjust the length. I’m sure some of you super genius Fusion 360 guru’s like @RowdyRoman , @Greg and others will likely come up with some custom 3D printed mount and way to secure the cord better, which I would happy to swap to if they do. :slight_smile:

Then I just ran the cord through a mount that @Garrett created (I had to chop it up a bit to allow for my drag chain mount, but it sill works as ugly as it is) and slipped it right into my drag chain.

The rest is history…

See it in action here: Zero binding, plenty of length and completely out of the way. Please excuse the shaky movements as it turns out, its harder than I expected to video and use a gamepad.

Hope you enjoyed today’s lesson on how to possibly electrocute yourself and make your OF that much better. (Humble opinion inserted throughout)


PS: @Mark any idea why my Z-Axis nut makes that darn clicking noise… very annoying. It did not used to do it.


Nice write up Alex, very detailed and to the point. Thanks for sharing.

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Hey Alex… Hard to tell without more info. Are all the screws tight on the couplings? Can you take a short video zoomed in on the coupling and send it to info@onefinitycnc.com. Direct the email to Jenn and I’ll take a look at it. Thanks a lot and talk soon. BTW… Thanks for sharing this. It’s a great write-up!

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Will do, thanks Mark, I’ll send that over today.

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Hey Alex! Great job - good pics on process too! thanks

@MindOfMcClure - Alex, what’s the length of the coiled cord for the Makita? I didn’t see a clear delineation in the thread - is it 6’ end to end? Can you order the coiled cord with a longer straight end to avoid the splice?

The item you want to order is (220 F 1802PM03) from their website. If memory serves me its 6’ at farthest flex.

No, they do not offer it with longer pig tails, you might be able to special order one but that will likely be considerably more expensive as it is a manufactured part and that would be a 1 off.


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Can I ask what the difference is in regular ends and tangent ends?

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I just answers it in this thread: Has anyone else considered drag chains?


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Seems like 5 feet extended, but certainly is long enough.


Yes that is what it is… memory does not “serve me” as good as it used to. You only need 32.25" to get to the other side of the rails. :slight_smile:


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I wanted to pass along the option that I asked about from Coil Cable Specialists. I called them yesterday and asked about the possibility to change the length of either the “I” or “V” length on the tangent style coil cable that has been specified by Alex. Anyone that knows me knows that I “HATE” electrical work. So, I talked to Manuel Lopez at CCS (562-850-5050) and he told me they could make the PN#1802PM03 with any length of end on it that I wanted for an extra $1 per foot. The standard length of the pigtails is 9" and I ordered a cable with one of the ends being 6’ of straight cable. My reason for doing this is 2 fold. Again, my loathing of doing electrical work and the constant bending of the splice inside of the drag chain may weaken over time and could cause a short (I know I am overthinking this and it probably would not likely happen but not taking any chances).

coil-specs-tangent-ends-255x288 e99ba38c427183b41c197dd0fe342a1b17291da5_2_436x500


Great to know Grant, yes that would be helpful to have it created with an extra 6’ to just add a plug. Splicing the 2 wires was super easy for me. But great option for others who are less wire soldering savvy.

Manuel is a great guy, he is the one I talked to before I ordered mine.



I just got an email from CCS and if anyone else is interested in one of these cables with the extended length of one of the legs, they created a new part number. The PN is C18080872

Cable specifications: tangent ends
I: 9" (T) blunt cut end
II: 0.790" +/- 0.025"
III: 1’ retracted, 5’ extended
IV: 0.236" +/- 0.005"
V: 10’ (T) blunt cut end



Excellent - I shall be using that in the future!

Thanks Grant!

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Super helpful. I’ll be doing this, too. Thanks.

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Just an FYI, the #, C18080872, now shows up on their web site. Ordered mine last night. Thanks for doing the leg work Grant.

Yep, ordered also. Thanks!

Just ordered one too, thx all.

Finally ordered a C18080872. Thanks @gad5264 and @MindOfMcClure!