Routing power from VFD to spindle

I unboxed my HY VFD, spindle, and 18 ga shielded cable the other evening and started work on my upgrade. VFD and spindle are 240 volt. Those with similar equipment, how are you routing the power cable from HY to spindle?
I’ve seen some with a hose boom tying the cable to their vacuum hose, but that seems like a pretty static-laden path. I’ve seen some using the drag chain path that holds axis stepper cables, but that is high power next to low power. I have seen overarm frames and bungee cord arrangements, too. What are your recommendations, please?

From my understanding, stepper motors and their wiring are not considered low power given the current and voltages that pass through their cables - relative to signal cables for example like those between the controller and driver. Shielding would act more to protect other signal cables nearby, as the motor cables often have current spikes. I think that is why 1F and others do not use shielded cables for their steppers. I always use shielded cable - everywhere - and plan to run all my cables through drag chains.

Hey John,

I would not use this path because it makes spindle power cable unnecessary longer. But as for static electricity, it is dangerous and can lead to fire inside the dust collection system, therefore it has to be prevented by grounding the dust collection system like shown here. And if grounded, there is no danger if you want to drag the spindle power cable this way.