Cadence Manufacturing Bits

Reference Cody’s speeds and feeds for the Jenny line of router bits it’s an extensive list. I have been trying to manually put those figures into my Tool Database. Im still just starting out with the machine and the software.
Finding it confusing and tedious entering figures for ply, soft, and hard woods for each bit. (12 entries per bit?) Should I be entering them that way?
I cant seem to match the figures provided in his spreadsheet with the requirements of the Vetric forms. What is Ramp Plunge vs Plunge? Ex. Ramp plunge 90 Plunge33. I havent figured out which one to enter where on the tool data form and its making me a little crazy.
Is step down the same thing as pass depth?

I just used the hardwood setting for each one - you should be good with that. Step down is depth per pass

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Thanks any idea on ramp plunge vs plunge?

In VCarve the plunge rate is defined with the tool definition (for straight down entry into the material). Cadence’s ramp plunge would be used in the ramp movements for a profile cut for instance where it’s starting out shallow and moving downward to the defined DOC as it moves forward. I just use the standard plunge rate. Ramps just don’t take very long or go very far where the additional possible speed would really make a difference.

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