Can I sell products I make by onefinity CNC?

I am a hobbyist and considering of buying onefinity CNC.
I am not planning to buy for commercial purposes but might one to sell some of the products I make on etsy or similar sites.

However, when trying to buy through the web site, I see that I have to accept the following terms stating that I cannot use it for commercial purposes:
“By placing orders through the Website you agree and confirm that Products will be strictly used for personal, non-commercial purposes and not for resale”

Does this mean I cannot sell products I make? Is there another way to order that will enable me to do that?


No that does not mean that at all, there are absolutely NO restrictions on what you can do with anything you create on the OF!! You can sell, trade, gift whatever/whenever you want. It is referring to buying the machines and reselling them etc.