Carbide Tipped versus Replacement Insert Knife Bits

Hello Forum Friends,
I was going to purchase a core box bit for routing some juice grooves. I noticed for a few dollars more I can get one with a replacement insert knife rather than the carbide tipped. It would cost a few dollars more but when I had to replace the bit. It would be like half the price. Are there disadvantages I am not thinking of? The only one i can see is that there is bit of lips so I would be limited on the depth I could cut.

Reference: Amana RC-45910 vs 45907 vs 45910


I’ve never used the insert style bits with the exception of a spoilboard surfacing bit. Looking at the toolstoday site there’s a note for the 45910 which is the cutter with the carbide insert:

RC-45910 is a solid carbide insert knife (RCK-266 included). Not for use in CNC machine.

Not sure why they have that note but it’s a single cutting edge vs 2 cutting edges on the other bits. Also perhaps it’s not as well balanced because of the replacement cutter blade and screw that holds it. :man_shrugging:

Oh missed that part… thank you.