Carveco Maker Toolpath Help

My name is Beau. I am new to CAD/CAM and CNC all together. I’ve made some successful but basic projects over the last 90 days of owning a Journeyman X50. I am using Carveco Maker as my CAD/CAM.

I am attempting to make signs for my daughters 4H Club. We have 6 riders who qualified for the state Horse Show next month. I am building each of them saddle stands and want to put a custom sign on the stands for each of them.

I am having trouble with the tool paths. My plan is to epoxy inlay the words and graphic on the sign which isn’t hard. I’ve done that before, but my vectors seem to be overlapping which is causing me some headache.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is a picture of what I am trying to cut. Please reach out if you are willing to help. I’d be happy to send the .art file and meet virtually as well. I’m trying to learn, but its taking time and unfortunately I need to have this project wrapped up before I think I could figure it out myself.

Thank you,

You could search YouTube for Stacked Text in Carveco. I’m learning myself and it has been a great resource for me.

@TrRo - thank you. I’ve tried that as well. Something is wrong with my vectors and I can’t seem to figure it out. For example, I’ve successfully welded 3 of 4 “H”s in the clover, but the 4th won’t weld. It’s strange. I imported the logo as an .AI but it’s acting like all individual vectors.