Carving out of alignment?

I am really new only a few v-bit carvings and my first relief. When I did the profile around the relief it was off. From about 11:00 o’clock position to around 5:00 o’clock position going clockwise it is roughly off a little. See pictures. I have reset x and y rails and they are good. Trammed it and it seems fine. I am not sure where to go from here and would appreciate any help? And if you see anything on the relief that looks out of wack would love the input.
Thanks Mike

Check out this thread. I had an issue where the longer my machine ran the worse off it got. I was also running about a 46" wide piece. This seamed to correct my issue. I was off a little under 1/32nd at 46 inches.

Thanks for the post link DWC I appreciate it very much!

Anytime maybe it will help.