Carving piece larger than work envelope?

Please forgive this novice question but I am in the market for a CNC due to some recent shop projects that are becoming popular. I am building some chairs currently and most of the parts will fit into the work envelope but some will not. Seems to me that one could carve out as much of the part that will fit, and even some registration pin holes or marks, move the part and then cut out the rest. Is this something people do, or am I being foolish looking at a machine that cannot complete the part in one go?

I’ve not had the need to do this yet, but it is a common scenario. It’s call tiling so if you search youtube for “cnc tiling” you will find lots of information from folks that have done this.


Hi Pete - you can certainly do that. Check out Winston Moy’s YouTube - he has a couple videos on double sided milling which requires registration pins. Same concept.


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Thank you both. THis is just the information I was looking for.