Shaping larger work piece

Hi, not sure if this has been covered but I couldn’t find it in my brief search:
Considering buying a Onefinity CNC, has anyone worked on pieces larger then the base (eg: 4x8). Curious if you could mill the work area and then shift the unit over and easily recalibrate to continue the piece.
The application I’m considering is sign making for much larger signs.

Some CAM software natively support a “Tiling” feature, which allows you to shift work pieces through in batches. But with the OF limited to a 32" width (X), it’s really only efficient to slide the piece through.

If you’re also asking if you can simply move the entire OF machine (left/right,forward/back) ontop a sheet of 4’x8’ - I guess that IS “possible” - but setup would be entirely overly complicated and hard to create repeatable setups, unless you had some sort of major table jig system to move/mount the OF into different positions.

Honestly sounds like you simply need a larger more capable machine (one that would at least support a full 48" width and then only tile in Y). I’m not one to discourage anyone from making a hammer work as a screwdriver, but if you’re salivating over the OF that badly… yes… it could be done :wink:

Thanks Wolfkabal, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. The majority of what I’d be doing would be within the boundaries of the machine, but the very odd time I’d maybe try to “tile” over a piece. If it got to the point where I was doing lots of larger pieces I’d probably buy a “Shaper Origin” in addition to this machine as the OF also has laser capability.