Ceiling Storage Rack Lift

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lets you easily load and lift up to 250 pounds of storage

That is 113,4 kg.

Did you see the operation using cordless screwdriver? Cool.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be available. Does someone know a source for it?

EDIT: @Wallles Just read the Customer Reviews on this notorious online shop (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0009I8AO6) . Some say it’s not reliable and dangerous. Did you read this too?

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Hi. Yes it is the Racor. Yes I did read some of the reviews. Even without reading them, I knew I would be adding extra failsafe measures as it is a considerable amount of weight just hanging above a vehicle/overhead door at times. First off, I scrapped the rack as it was not wide enough for my table. Bought 4’4" 1 1/2" aluminum tubing and drilled holes slightly wider to fit eye bolts. I plan to put chains in place on minimum 4 corners, maybe even 6 points. Once hoisted, I will attach all chain supports and lower slightly so that the hoist and chains are all equally bearing. I feel quite confident with that. I most certainly do not feel confident enough in the product alone.


Interesting use of space. I have a lift for my Jeep hard top I may repurpose. Thanks for sharing!

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Appreciate your thoughts on failsafe measures. That does add confidence. Having gone through the first five pages of vendors that pop up on a google search, It is clear that this lift is made of non-obtanium. Perhaps it is a supply chain issue - the stalled line of ships carrying goods from China (and elsewhere) grows longer every day.

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Hey Wallles,

thank you for your reply and information.

I’ve been dealing with the problem of moving things to the ceiling for a long time. I like the idea very much.

I think it is feasible to build a lift from available components that would not need extra chains for protection. But it would be more effort (and more cost probably). I already have good wall anchors.

But I think when building a ceiling lift for something as heavy as a CNC machine, I would prefer to use something like leadscrews, vertically set up between two walls. Also this would add the possibility to let the machine work while it is moved away.

Another solution is a flip table. Did you already see this solution:

Fold Down Wall Mounted CNC Table

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No problem. I do like the wall option as well, if I could figure a way to fold against the wall as shown in that video and then hoist to ceiling.

FYI I did not mention…when I installed the Racor, I predrilled for 3 5’8" Deck ledger bolts (I use for my day job deck building). Each side has 8 bolts directly into ceiling truss.

I may still look into 1F wall mount system…

Hey Wallles,

Wow, 3 5’8", that is longer than a Onefinity Journeyman, you probably meant 3 5/8″ :slight_smile:

5/8″, that is approx. 16 mm, really heavy. What is your ceiling made of?

The other day I had to lift the outer tub of a washing machine out of its case to replace its shock absorbers. My ceiling where I am at the moment is made of armored concrete, I used a single Fischer FAZ II Concrete Expansion Bolts, 10 mm thick to which I fixed a lifting-eye nut and my Block and tackle

Which unfortunately does not flip…

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