Central Ohio Onefinity's?

Are there any Onefinity owners or future owners on the waiting list in the Central, Ohio (Westerville) area? Or anywhere in Ohio for that matter?


Mine should be arriving in early November. I’m in Cincinnati.


I’m in Cleveland. Just surfaced my wasteboard today.


I am order 11398 (woodworker) so expecting Jan/Feb. I too am in Cincinnati.

We may very well reach out to Annette to see what/how she is working out.

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Welcome to the group. You are 24 orders in front of me and I am just Northeast of you in Columbus.

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Cleveland, I am on the list for 3rd week in December but not getting to excited due to Christmas overload at UPS or whomever will bring my baby. Hopefully the Stork will be working overtime!


about 45 min south west of Akron Ohio. expecting mine to ship with in the next week or 2

Just recently ordered and am in Pataskala. Now I’ve got to figure out how I’m doing the table/enclosure for it.

Hi Joe, I’m just west of you off of North Hamilton Road.

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South of Dayton here

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Fort Loramie here. Mines supposed to be shipping this week if everything is still on schedule.

I just ordered my Onefinity on Wednesday March 24, 2021 - expecting a July delivery. I live in the Whitehall area.

Hi Charlie, I’m just up the road from you in Westerville. Welcome

Thanks Grant, my order number is 15965, so it might be awhile until I get mine. This will be my first entry into the CNC Router, but I have been a serious DIYer since my first Shopsmith in 1982. I grew up in a small village in southern Ohio and my parents ran a secondhand store & auction from 1962 until their passing in 1982. So, I have a background in the “we fix that ourselves” mentality. Maybe we can get together before I get my Onefinity and I can see how you have yours setup. Mine will be in my basement shop, so I will definitely need a sound deadening enclosure. Thanks, Charlie

On base at Wright Patt, just got shipping label notification yesterday. Still lots of studying to do…

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Grant, just checking back in to see how your Onefinity is coming. Are you set up and running? I’d like to see the Onefinity in action and talk about what I might expect when mine gets here. I am feeling a bit of “buyers remorse” about just how much I may really use the Onefinity and just what I may make with it - other than cedar and acrylic signs. Thanks, Charlie

order #18315 - Bowling Green Ohio, I bought the journeyman, so I wait till Aug.

Hi Charley, I am not set up as of yet. The boxes are still leaning against the wall from when they were delivered. Life has gotten in the way and I have yet to sell my other machine to make room. I had to get it back in working order so I could prepare it for sale. I’ve been running it again for about two months but am thinking of making room to keep both.

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Bringing this post back to life lol but an Ohio 1F here. I’m 40mins west of Lima. hope everyone is loving their 1F, I was supposed to get mine on Fri but weather stopped it and UPS tracking says it will be here around 3 just in time for me to get off work!