Changes not taking effect in Carbide Create

Hi All
I’m getting tear out on a v-carve job and so I am trying to tweak the RPM’s, plunge and feed rates and I just discovered that none of my tweaks in CC are taking effect. The job time always remains the same. The plunge and feed rate movements visually look the same even if I double or triple or quadruple the numbers in either direction. The only thing I saw change, one time, was the RPM’s from 10000 to 18000. Has anybody come across this before?

When you refer to the job time, is that the job time in CC or actually when you load it onto the onefinity controller?

I would upload it to the 1f controller (if you haven’t already) and reconfirm machine time.

I cannot rely on carvecos toolpath summary for time, as my machine typically is about 1/3-1/2 the total time, of what it reports.

It’s what the 1F controller is showing.