Chat Open AI as teacher

Just asked the Openai chat bot if it was willing and able to teach me G-code.
It made it clear that it could and would teach G-code or any other discipline, imo, a major game changer for learning.
If I decide to pester the chat bot with questions about coding for my Onety, will update here.
PS. My Onety (its new name) is in BC so should arrive in the next day or so. WHEEEE.

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Be careful the little I used ChatGPT it got a few things wrong … thing like multiple vs divide

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Definitely have to watch it, I asked it what size hole to drill for a 5mm tap and it returned 7.5mm.
Took me about three tries to get it to give the right size, but checked it next day for a 1/4 - 20 tap and it was right on.

Chuckle I was trying to find the weight of a project given volume and density … it cam back with a number that would have been easier to express in tonnage