Chip build up cutting grooves

Be careful about tearout on the top of your groove with an upcut!

Hey Butch @bkwoood, hey Jace @makerjace, hey all,

an end mill for wood like this one has very steep upcut spiral angle of 15°, which is a compromise between the ability to evacuate chips and trying to minimize tearout at the surface:

Sorotec 2-Flute WOOD

ok thank you I will check them out

It would take a bit longer, but you could always use an 1/8" upcut as a rough to get it close to the edge and then taking the 1/4" at full depth wouldn’t be a problem. One end mill change in the process, of course.

I had the same thing happen to me, but when I hooked up the vacuum system, then my problem was solved. Hope that helps.