Cleaning router bits

Because I do not bother with chip load because it is too hard on the Makita router (now replaced) I get carbon buildup on my router bits, Yesterday I remembered a circular bristle brush we used to use in our jewelry business, and put it on my Fordom bench lathe, cleans the bits like a charm in seconds. The one I have has a wood center with a center hole would be easy to put a bolt through and spin it with a drill motor.
Even cleaned a bit that would not make electrical connection with the touch pad.
Available at amazon as jewelry cleaning circular bristle brush for about $6.

I use this stuff . Works really well on cleaning saw blades and bits. Soak then nylon brush.

Trend Tool & Bit Cleaner: Industrial Strength Wood & Resin Remover, 18 fl oz, CLEAN/500


I use the Trend cleaner too. Pitch and dirt just dissolves right off, and it’s safe for carbide bits and blades, unlike things like oven cleaner.

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I used to use acetone or even paint thinner, but with the bristle brush spinning, it is quick and uses no glorp that is either expensive, messy or bad for the environment.