Clearing current loaded file

I’ve searched for how to clear the loaded file from memory but no luck. Anybody know how?

Just load the next one… I’m not at my machine now and don’t recall if there was a delete button

Yeah I can do that but I want to just clear the file in memory. Hate to have something loaded and accidently have a job start while doing something else.

What does this button do???

It just deletes the file on the USB stick.

How does that differ from what you want?

I haven’t been able to change screens while a job was running so it’s not going to accidently change mid-file

On the original BB controller, you cannot erase files loaded on the system… you will have to reload the system to clear saved files… Onefinity should step up on this… yep, stop leaving people hanging… you think?

Totally agree. I’m coming from using Gsender and you could just delete the job file.

Pretty sure the file is being run from the USB stick and not in memory in Masso, when you delete the file from the USB it is gone.

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In general, that’s not how any computer handles data on USB storage or any storage for that matter. Code is executed from RAM. The program text in this case should be loaded to RAM somewhere to be interpreted. If it weren’t in RAM, it couldn’t be displayed on the screen.

Likewise, notice you can write an entire program on the controller before ever having to press the SAVE button?

But the most obvious is that you can load a file, then delete it from the USB stick and it remains loaded and in memory. The kicker however is that you won’t be able to run the commands now. And trying to, or doing things like re-homing the machine, will lock up the entire system.

IMO, this looks like a bug via an unintended corner-case.

But if you want to clear out all your gcode, you can create a blank file and then load that to clear all gcode instructions - you’ll get an error, but the program window will be blank. Not elegant whatsoever, but it’s a workaround. They really need a CLEAR button, maybe in place of that otherwise blank button.

If we’re talking about the BB controller, the files on the usb ALWAYS get moved to the pis onboard SD card before they are run (so they are run from the internal sd card), you could pull out the usb stick while the file is running.
The controller also always remembers the last files settings (as in showing yellow, red, or green status on the ‘toolpath’ column.), regardless if the file was ‘deleted’ from the controller drop down list of files or usb stick.
Just load a different file and the status will change.

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