Common Bolt / Screw Types on the Onefinity

X Rail
8 Bolts holding down the X Rail to Y gantry blocks : m6 x 22mm long

Y Rail to QCW
16 bolts holding the Y feet to the QCW blocks: m6 x 22mm long

2 M5-0.8 x 16mm (ends)
2 M6-1.0 x 14mm (gantry)
2 M6x6 7380-10.9 (short)

Z Slider Z-16
4 bolts holding the z slider to X gantry: m5 low head x 12mm long
2 bolts squeezing the mount together : M5 x 30mm

Z Slider Z-20
4 bolts holding the z slider to X gantry: M5 socket head x 20

Tramming Bolts
m5 low head x 12mm long (same bolts as Z-16 z slider mounting bolts)

Z Slider Z-20 & Z-16
accessory mounting holes are M5 thread pattern

Set screws for holding bearing in place:
m5 x .8mm. 4mm long. Flat tip set screw. McMaster-Carr 92605a227

Touch Screen Mount
4 long bolts m5x70 and 4 m5 nylon locking nuts.

Dust Boot:
Button Head screw that holds the router shield:#6-32 x 1/4" (mcmaster-carr link)

Bolts for Securing Drag Chain to Drag Chain Raceway
M4-0.7 x 8mm DIN 7991

Ball Nut
X-35 Ball Nut bolt that holds it into the gantry block:

  • 4mm hex head, m5 thread, 16mm long

Oil Port
X-35 Rail/Ball Nut:

X-50 Rail/Ball Nut

  • M6 x6mm

Wiper grub set screw on ends of feet
m4 x4mm long set screw.

Wiper grub set screw on X35 ball screw
M3 x 4mm cone tip

Plate on top of x gantry to hold the z motor and router cable
M6 x 1.0 × 14mm

Suck It Dust Boot:
Dust boot shields (black): 6-32 x ¼
Suck it Dust Boot Mounting Arms (thumb screws) 8-32 x 2"

Secure from above mdf slat securing bolts: 10-32 x1" button head socket cap
Secure from below mdf slate securing screws: 10-12x5/8"
Securing the Y rail to the qcw: M5 thread, 16 long, with a 5mm hex socket head.