Complete filesystem backup and restore


I noticed that there is a thread which outlines how to reflash the SD card. Is there a possibility that a full backup and restore would work in the case of file corruption? If so, then could a Backup Filesystem / be included in the Admin → General section?

The backup can be saved to a USB and in the case of failure on the SD card, the SD card could be removed, placed in a PC and the filesystem recovered from the USB.

Any possibility?


I am assuming the file system is Linux. If that is true you could backup SD card with clonezilla. Then restore with clonezilla. I’m still waiting on my machine so can’t test on a actual machine. I do have a spare ripi4 so I might try and flash it with onefinity os and see if it works. I will let you know if it works.

Technically there are two sets of software on the machine. The Linux part on the RPI, and the “arduino” part on the AVR. The RPI part is really the only part that needs to be backed up. The chances of the AVR being corrupted is quite low. But given the relative unreliability of the SD cards in the RPI, a backup makes sense. Or be prepared to start over.


You should be able to clone the sd card with balenaEtcher (program recommended by OneFinity for flashing sd card). Once you have program running on pc Windows or linux you there is option to clone drive. This will make a clone that you can reflash if necessary. I tried to put onefinity on my ripi 4 but couldn’t get any screen output to test this out.

Thanks for the suggestions. Will try and let you know which one works best!