How to reflash the operating system on the Onefinity BB controller (Full SD card image)

There are times when you may have a file go corrupt or (advanced) users start poking under the hood and may need to reflash the entire vanilla image to the sd card. This process is essentially reinstalling the Onefinity operating system from scratch.

This process is only for advanced users OR if you were directed to this via support.

If you are looking to update the firmware from a controller that is working properly, do not use this method, look for the update file in the ‘firmware updates’ section.


Watch the video here:
Rocker Style Power Button:

Push Button Power Button:

This process can be done on a Windows OR Mac computer:

Step 1: Download ONE of the below COMPRESSED images here:

1.3 Full SD image

Step 2: A.) Download the Raspberry Pi Imager program here: program here: Pi Imager
B.) Alternatively, you can use a program called Balena Etcher if the above does not work. Balena Etcher.

Step 3: Install Raspberry Pi Imager to your computer.

Step 4: Remove all external drives from your computer (sd cards, usb sticks, usb printers). Then insert your SD card you pulled out of your Onefinity Controller into your computer. (some computers do not have a slot for an sd card. You can purchase an adapter very inexpensively here: SD card reader)

Step 5: Open Raspberry Pi Imager and click ‘CHOOSE OS’ under Operating System. Scroll down until you see 'Use Custom" and select it. A dialogue box will pop up directing you to select the image file previously downloaded in step 1. Select the Onefinity SD Image (either the .xz, .img or .zip file) you just downloaded above (should be around a 300mb file).


Step 6: Under Storage, Click CHOOSE STORAGE. Now, select the sd card you put into your computer from the Onefinity Controller. (drive your Onefinity SD card is in) on your computer (Warning, this will delete EVERYTHING from the drive you select. BE SURE it’s the Onefinity SD card and not your personal drive as you WILL LOSE all of the data.

Step 7: Click WRITE!

Step 8: Ignore ALL popups (like “this drive needs to be formatted”, etc.) while etcher is running.

Step 9: After etchers progress bar fills up during ‘decompressing’, it will switch to ‘flashing’. After flashing, it will switch to ‘verifying’. Please wait patiently until all 3 of these processes finish. It’s best practice to not do anything on the computer from the moment you click ‘flash’ until the moment etcher finishes the job and says ‘success’.

Step 10: Once Imager finishes it should read, “Onefinity.img has been written to USB Device. You can now remove the SD card from the Reader.” At this point, you can push CONTINUE and remove the SD card from your computer and reinsert it into the Onefinity controller. Remember, the wording on the sd card will face down, towards the bottom of the controller when reinstalling it from the top down.

Step 11: The final step is to turn it on and once booted up, reset the configuration to your specific machine model: How To Reset The Configuration To Defaults (BB Controller) Missing this step will cause your carves to come out incorrectly!

You will loose ALL files and/or custom settings you’ve made to the motors or setting page. Everything will be like the day you first got the machine.

*if for some reason, the sd card flash fails, there’s a few things to look out for: remove ALL devices plugged into the computer, restart the computer, or try a different computer using the same process or if it still gives an error, try formatting it with this first: SD Memory Card Formatter for Windows/Mac | SD Association.