Motor continues to move after input stops from xbox controller

I’m having an issue where the Z axis will keep going ( either + or - ) well after the input on the xbox controller is stopped. I’ve also tried replacing the xbox controller with a new one.

Video of it happening around the 10s mark: Dropbox - IMG_8540.MOV - Simplify your life

Any ideas on this?

You can try reflashing the firmware, per our support email suggestion:

So I’ve been rebooting between every carve now since I posted this and haven’t had the behavior since. Previously I would leave the controller running for weeks between reboots. In those periods of no reboots I would also be running multi-hour carves as well (5-10mb nc files).

I feel pretty confident in saying this is a bug/flaw in the RPI or the controller software (maybe a memory leak?) - given I’ve also had other issues solved by a reboot from the controller leaking file descriptors and temp readings being off.

I just had this happen for the second time with my non-xBox controller. I did a few carves today; maybe an hour total. After the last one I went to remove the bit and the z-axis starting moving down. I’ve had this happen in the past with my x axis and bought a new controller. I’ll try some other things this time.

@KenA FWIW I haven’t had this happen since updating to v1.1.1 and using an official xbox controller with a wired connection