Z Axis software or mechanical issue?

I just updated my firmware to 1.08
Now my Z axiz is acting up
When i use my gamepad controller im able to move my machine in the quickest mode (Y) as well as the next mode ( B) however my macine moves very slow in the ( A) mode and no response in ( X) mode
After homing my machine with a lot of effort,
I ran my first project from the USB folder
Less then 30seconds, the tool drops into the workpiece.
I tried going thru startup three more times, the tool crashes every time.
Is this a software program or is my Z axis motor acting up

I had this happen once - the gamepad got confused about what mode it was in. I think I had to hold own the middle button and then click it a few times until it returned to the proper mode. Hope this helps for the gamepad issue.

Not sure about the z issue - certainly doesnā€™t seem right; perhaps posting your gcode for examination?


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