Dead Step Motor

Hi there,

I apparently have a Dead Step Motor. Just want to confirm with you if that’s the case.

  • My Z-axis does not go up or down when I play with the controller and instead it shakes.
  • I have switch the X-Axis connector to it and it goes up and down when I go left or right on the controller which is good

As I’m writing I thinking I should also test the Z-axis connector onto the X-axis step motor, to check if it’s not coming from the controller.

What do you think? Could it be the Z-Axis controller ?

Thank you.

I have checked the Z-Axis connector onto the X-Axis motor and it works fine. So Yeah dead Step Motor or an issue with it.

Is it a loose coupling?

I don’t know. How can I tell ?

When step motor is engaged I cannot move the z-axis

Try to see if there is a broken wire at the Z axis motor plug. Maybe do a wiggle as well as a visual inspection. Though the glue behind the plug may prevent seeing the wires & pins.

Now it’s getting weird. When I push down on the controller the z-Axis either goes up or down randomly and then when it its the end of the axis it goes the opposite way while I’m still pushing the controller the same way.

Am I understanding correctly what you are saying is that you push on the controller’s case and Z moves randomly?

If that is true it sounds like a loose connection within the controller or a cracked PC board. Either way you should be contacting tech support on this.

Found the faulty wire, actually connector. Had to get rid of it.

By “play with the controller” are you referring to the game controller from Onefinity? If so make sure the game controller is in the correct mode. How to do that has been discussed a few times on the forums. I use a different game controller so I don’t know which lights are supposed to be lit up.

Thanks. All fixed. It was a wire issue at the connectors.