Hello! I keep getting error messages from Motor 3. What should I do?

Hello! I keep getting error messages from Motor 3. What should I do?

I’d contact @OnefinityCNC. I’ve no memory of seeing that one come up on the forum.

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Have you investigated possible connection issues with “Z” axis’ motor? The cable has four wires terminating at both the motor and the controller. A wonky connection on any of them will cause a motor fault.
I added a little more ‘hot glue’ on all of my cable connectors to make sure none of them flexed at those junctions as a just-in-case.

The connection line is normal. When I connected the z-axis motor to the x-axis motor, the motor moved and stopped moving. Perhaps there is a problem with the motor.

If the motor moved then stopped it doesn’t sound like a motor problem but the z-axis cable. You could try it again while gently wiggling the cable at each end to see if that makes it stop moving.

I think the motor is defective. What do you think? Please refer to my YouTube video.

The fact that the z-axis moves (shuddering but moves) indicates it is probably ok. (The reason it shudders when connected using the x-axis controller’s output via the x-axis cable is because z-axis does not ‘pin-out’ the same as the x-axis cable.) The z-axis has reversed wires relative to those in the x&y cables. I had forgotten that fact when I suggested troubleshooting using the x axis cable because I have drag chains and don’t use the stock curly cable.

Try hooking up the curly (z) cable again then gently wiggling the connections on each end while trying to move z+/-. If the motor starts/stops you’ll know which connector is the problem.

Note though, the z motor’s pigtail connector could also be suspect as well as the curly cable.

100% you cannot have the x rail directly connected. You MUST use the curly cable for the z. There is a wire cross in the z curly cable…and since there isn’t one in the straight x cable, you’ve now crossed wires to the motor…which could lead to a motor failure. Hook the z curly cable back in. Hopefully it won’t give you an error. I fear you might have done damage by directly connecting the x cable to the z.