Rewriting OS on SD card

OK I need some help here I was re-flashing my SD card from the controller with the raspberry pi Imager and accidentally hit the raspberry pi Imgur selection, which overrode my Onefinity OS on the SD card. Onefinity support give instructions to go down and “use custom” which I did however, I am not getting any Onefinity choice to pick to rewrite the OS… I am now without an operating system for this machine. Does anyone know how to work around this?

Hey Charles,

the image files for SD cards are here. The image files are the .img.xz files.

You need a PC with a card reader/writer and a SD card. You download the .img.xz file of the version you want to the PC. On a unixoid operating system, you unpack the file with ‘unxz’ and write it to the SD card device with ‘dd’. On other operating systems you do it like this:

Then you insert the SD card into its slot on the underside of the Raspberry Pi 3B inside the Onefinity Controller:

WARNING: Make sure that your Onefinity Controller is disconnected from mains power before opening it. Simply switching it off does not interrupt the power to the internal power supply!

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