Flashed SD card to 1.2.1

During the flash process it stopped in the middle and showed a popup “invalid directory name” I could either abort and restart or continue. I clicked continue and the install completed and had a good verification. After restarting the controller, running remotely from my desktop via Wi-Fi everything seems normal except the banner in the control screen says WI-FI not connected.
Just as an info input don’t forget to record your settings as all input and tool settings, probe thickness and such will be lost after the flash.

What build were you on previously?

I had previously upgraded from 1.0.9. To 1.1.1 and really all seemed to be working fine. It was just all the bad press I was reading that caused me to decide to go on with the flash to 1.2.1. The “not connected to wi-wi” banner doesn’t seem to effect the functionality just one of the wired anomalies.

When you say flash are you removing the SD card from the controller and flashing it or using the upgrade uption in the user interface on the controller?

Instead of waiting on a response… If you did not open the controller and pull the SD card… You need to… The only way to go from 1.1.* to anything else is to flash it from your computer


When I said flash the module, I mean that I installed Raspberry Pi Imager on my computer. Downloaded from Onefinity ver 1.2.1, Removed the Sd card from my controller and placed it in a Sd card reader and ran Raspberry Pi imager to format and install the new version as shown in the onefinity video to reflash the Sd card. replaced it in the controller.
I’m really not having any problems just saying the display on the system is odd, saying I’m not connected to wi-fi which I clearly am. Thats all…

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Do you have an external USB wifi dongle plugged into the controller?

Before we go down another rabbit hole lets clarify that my machine is working fine in all aspects. No I’m not using a dongle for my wi-fi and again Wi-FI is working fine where I can control my machine remotely from my computer. There is nothing to figure out except the word “not connected” which is erroneous on the display.

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My onefinity contoller upgraded to 1.1 from 1.09. Then i let it upgrade itself to 1.2.1
I did not flash it on my computer. It seems to ve working just fine.

Ditto what you’ve said. I’ve meant to take a picture and have not. Plus too lazy to write the post. :wink:

Put me in the me too category— working fine but says WiFi not connected on the top of the screen. Also, I am using the dongle linked by OneFinity.

My bigger issue is the ip address and WiFi are not connected are in large font, takes up a large chunk of screen real estate, and pushes the pause/play buttons off the screen. Minor annoyance but an annoyance all the same.