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My name is Mr kilpatrick I am just now unboxing my onefinity Workman I got everything set up trying to get logged on to the internet and put in your password that have learned through the forum is supposed to be onefinity or buildbotics neither one of these passwords are working I am brand new and very green at this and want to learn would love to get this up and running so I can start enjoying the machine can you please help me thank you very much . Is there anyone out there that would do a zoom call or some kind of reference call to kind of give me a helping hand trying to figure this machine out. I was told to flash the SD card and I’m working on trying to get that done right now and it is not working out any kind of help or assistance would be greatly appreciated as a fellow onefinity owner. Thank you so much I appreciate all of your help

Hey Shayne,

by the way, there is no Onefinity “workman”, which machine do you own?

Which controller do you use, the buildbotics-derived Onefinity Controller or the Elite’s Masso G3 Touch controller?

If you use the buildbotics-derived Onefinity Controller, which password do you mean? The password for updating the firmware is given here.

If you want to log in via ssh, type

ssh bbmc@onefinity.local

in the CLI of a remote computer. The password is ‘onefinity’. To become root, type

sudo -i

If you want to open a terminal window on the controller itself, type <Ctrl>-t <Ctrl>-c. Type exit to leave the terminal window and return to Onefinity User Interface.

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I’m assuming it is the buildbotics controller it has the rocker switch in the front

I have the woodworker that has the rocker switch on the controller

Couldn’t be more simple. This detailed faq with step by step video will walk you through it: