Usb dead or not reading hoe to check

I’m having three issues i have not been able to resolve un_fournatly they cost me the lost of a great opportunity.

  1. My rasberry will not recognize my flash drive.
    a) i verified it set at fat 32
    b) i tried several other flash drives i have successfully in the past, they don’t work
  2. i’ve attempted to connect the raspberry directly via wifi
    a) I watched the video on how to do this process. The video has a completely different format then mine .
    b) i assume there must be a software update i need. its been several months sense iv used my cnc.
    c) how do i do the upgrade on software?
  3. the raspberry is asking for the password to get in, i don’t know what password, could it be onefinity generic password, or could it be something i set and cant remember (sucks getting old) or do they want the wifi passwords which in my case i have changed internet providers sense then can i reset the password some how

b) i have the ssid and used the

Hi Tom,

A few thoughts

  1. USB 2.0 sticks seem to work best and they must be formatted fat32, I have seen reports of USB3.0 sticks failing to work
  2. It seems version 1.0.9 remains the most stable version of the firmware at this time
  3. To connect to the controller to load gcode or control the machine remotely you should be using a web browser (http) with no password required
  4. As I recall there are 2 passwords if you are using SSH either ‘onefinity’ or ‘buildbotics’
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Hey Tom,

if you refer to the buildbotics-derived Original Series Onefinity Controller, which has a Raspberry Pi 3B inside, you have to know that what is not supported, is…

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Derek thank you for responding to my issues. I do have a buildbotics controller I’m replacing the usb receiver and the cable