Confirm before deleting all files

When you click the trash can icon, it brings up the following screen asking if you want to delete the selected file or all files. On multiple occasions I’ve accidentally hit the “all” button when I meant to hit “selected” and boom! all my files are instantly gone. I would appreciate it if you would add an additional confirmation step when the delete all button is pressed.
Screenshot 2022-01-08 120244


Since this is already a confirmation prompt, maybe just putting the Cancel button between the All and Selected option would solve the issue?

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I don’t consider this to already be a “confirmation prompt.” I consider this a “what do you want to delete?” dialog box. If you click “all” I think it should say “Are you sure you want to delete ALL files?” or something like that. Moving the cancel button between all and selected would help but it is pretty standard practice to ask for confirmation on such a significant action as deleting all your files.

I hear you but…To me gcode is re-creatable, probably stored on a PC where it was created and transitory. I’d rather not have additional steps added to the controller.


I keep the files on the machine to just my active work. Prevents running the wrong thing with the same fast finger.