Controler Box on the right side?

Hello, I am new to CNC and waiting for my machine, which is shipped by sea … I hope it will arrive in good condition… it still has a long way to go.

I am planning my table and wonder if it is possible to place the controller on the right side? I mean because of the cable length? And how tall is the Controller inclusive red button?

Thank you very much and excuse my english, it’s not my native language … nevertheless I try my best …)

you can. just rotate the x rail 180 degrees so the plug is on the right side. Then you’ll click ‘reverse’ under the x rail settings in the controller.

Thank you very much Onefinity :slight_smile:
And can you please let me know how tall the controller is including red button? :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot. I‘m excited for my machine to arrive.


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Perfect, thank you very much!

Controller to the right without switching the gantry around.