Controller Location

Does it matter which side the machine the controller is mounted on? Does the short Y connection have to be on the left and the long on the right or can they be swapped? I’m right handed so a right side mounted controller would work better for me.


R Dailey

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I would think as long as you reversed the plugs in the controller the machine would not know the difference as to if the short or long cord was plugged in.

The cords are the same except their length.

it makes no difference where you put the controller. either y cable can go to either y rail.


Wouldn’t the x and z cables become an issue on the right side?

you’d flip the x rail 180 (and you’ll need to click reverse motor direction in the software).


Will they’re be cable extensions available?

Yes. We’ll add those soon

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One more question, can it be mounted upside down, under the table? Or, can it be mounted sideways, on the side of the table, underneath.

Haven’t seen any upside down yet, but theoretically yes!

I just was thinking of internal component that need to be kept horizontal, or not. If you can’t think of anything being damaged, I’d rather have more tabletop space.


Do you have a video or pictures with the control box on the right? Thanks

Here is the controller upside down


I’ve mounted mine on the left but inside the wing of my torsion box on a drawer slide so it can be slid out of the way or pulled out for easy access to the plugs in back or to use the emergency stop. We’ll see how that works out.

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