Controller Box/Control Monitor On RH Side?

I am planning to mount the Controller Box and Control Monitor on the right hand side of my Machinist. I am curious to know if the Control Monitor screen will flip 180 degrees if I direct the wiring to the right side towards my Controller Box. Or does the LCD screen in the Control Monitor not have that function. If that’s the case, then I will have to mount the screen on the left hand side and get some extension cables to suit the locations. Just pre-planning my CNC setup .


You can move the monitor over to the other side if you’d like. There is not functional requirement it cannot be moved. If you do move to the other side make sure you get your plugs correct and as you stated you can always get extended cords to move things even further.


Sorry, this is technically in the wrong area. I tried to move it but I think I only made the problem worse! Hope the admin doesn’t slap my hand!

My order is in, but I’ve still got a few purchases to make before my machine arrives. I noticed this forum is an unbelievable source of information. So, I have a few questions:

Power wise, is there an advantage to a 110v Spindle versus a 220v Spindle? ie: Torque, Horsepower, useable rpm’s,

I’m seeing advertising for ceramic bearings – are they a worth while expense?

How much router/spindle weight will the Onefinity reliably handle without effecting performance accuracy?

Are there any brands to seriously consider or avoid? (Both VFD and Spindle) For potential capabilities, I’d like to be able to consider something with an ER-20 Collet Set, but not at the expense of my machine.

Air or water cooled?

I have gotten a 220 spindle with an er 16 collet. That allows for up to 3/8” shaft. 1500 watt. Water cooled. Have not tested simply because I do not have my unit yet.