Reverse X axis and wires

Before I take it all apart, maybe someone already knows. If I reverse my X axis, to put the motor on the left side, can my X and Z wires come out the left side?

This would save a god bit space, by having my drag chain path under the X axis motor. If I can do that I think I can achieve my goal of building an enclosure on top of a stock 1/2 MDF sheet (49”x49”).

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I believe the answer is yes - there was a recommendation by @OnefinityCNC somewhere on the forum. BUT - please search for it; I may have my facts screwed up.



Yes you can flip your whole setup backwards so that the motors are in the back if you prefer then just reverse the motors in your settings. There are several posts discussing this: here is one: Controller Location



I did see this, just want sure about switching the cable positions also.