Motors in front question

Those of you who put motors in the front. I got that far. Now I am confused about the X rail.

Some of your pictures shows X rail as shipped with motor to the right side.

But some of you flipped the Stiffy and flipped the rail so the motor are on the left side. This is more work but is it necessary?

I asked before and got mixed responses. I rather not flip the X rail if I don’t have to so if your X motor is on the right side with Y motors in front I’d like confirmation that it worked and didn’t reverse the X motor when you check reverse.

Thanks! And Merry Christmas?

I have motors at the front on the Y and have kept the X with motor on the right, but for some reason I had to reverse the Z motor.

Great! So you can select which motors to reverse? I thought it was all or nothing.

yes you can select individual motors.

make sure you select both Y motors.

Ah ha! That’s what I needed to know thanks! I’ll give that a try.