Motors to the front config help

So I installed the motors on the Y axis towards the front (video said I could) it works better for my table configuration. When homing it homes towards the back (away from the motors) how do I get it to home towards the motors, I am sure there is a setting but having just setup the Machine, I wouldn’t know where to look for this.

Also the Z doesn’t go all the way to the left when homing stops about 8 inches from the Y rail. When I attempt to move it by pressing the button on screen further left it gives me an error message.

Any ideas?

Don’t have my machine powered on at the moment so I’m going from memory so may be a little off.

For the reverse homing on the Y rails, go into the settings menu and for the Y motors, check the REVERSE box for both motors.

For homing that stops, look for the onefinity STALL HOMING video or post here. It will walk you through the steps and changes to make in the settings.

I had a weird issue that I could never figure out, didn’t bother emailing support (my fault). I reversed my Y rails originally. Checked the reverse checkbox for each motor, that worked great. I had a problem homing my X rail to the front. It would stop at random places. I used the stall homing setup and it still wouldn’t work…I flipped the Y rails back to the original configuration and it homed perfectly, every time. Again, my fault for not emailing 1F support but it was a weekend and I wanted to get the machine setup and going. I was building an enclosure so I just changed my design a bit to account for the needed motor space at the back of the machine.

Thank you. I’ll try that.

I had this same issue. I spent the longest time trying different variations of the stall homing settings. Eventually, I tried swapping the y cables after I ordered another set of extensions. I can now auto home upon booting up the controller, and it works perfectly.
I hooked up M2 to my right rail (motor in front of workbench) and M1 to my left rail. The motors are set to run in reverse. My stall volts are set to 1.2 and stall current is 1.1.

I’ve attached a very bad drawing, but so far so good.

Appreciate the help. I did hit reverse in the settings and working properly now

That is probably the most overlooked function during the process! The other might be forgetting to save the settings.

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