Stall Homing and the inability to work correctly when started at the opposite ends of the axis

Stall homing is a unique and special feature for the Onefinity machine.
There is one thing to consider when initiating stall homing.
You’ll notice, when stall homing is initiated for any axis, it starts out by jogging the axis in the opposite direction 1-2mms first to ‘clear’ the homing (for X this would be to the right, for Y this would be to the back, and for Z this would be downward). Then it will start (in the case of the x axis) moving to the left to find the home.
If you start with any of the axis up against the extreme opposite side, this will always result as a ‘home in place’ situation. Lets assume your x rail is at the far right position. Since your up against the right foot before hitting home, there’s no room for it to clear and will home in place.
When the machine homes in place (other than where it should in the front left), the machine assumes where it homed is the front left. If this is incorrect, the machine will not move any further left or front because it assumes it cannot. You’ll either need to unhome and rehome correctly or reboot and rehome correctly to fix this issue.

Always ensure you are 5mm or so away from the end of each axis before starting stall homing.

You should only ever home once upon bootup. Do not confuse ‘homing’ with ‘return to the front left’.