How To Adjust Stall Homing (Video) (BB Controllers only)

(this does not apply to elite machines)

You may need to adjust stall homing from time to time during the life of the machine.

Changes in the environment, seasonal changes, static electricity, expansion and contraction,(cold in the morning, hot in the evening). etc. can have an affect on the stall homing. Expect to adjust this during the change from hot to cold and cold to hot seasons or just a unheated shop in the morning to a heated shop when you work in it. If you are in an environment below 40F, expect issues. The first solution is to heat up the environment for a few hours above 40F.
Please note, adjusting stall homing has no affect on rail movement during cutting and jogging.

If you have not performed maintenance to your machine in the last month, please do so, especially cleaning the ball nuts: