Mounting Masso controller on the Machine's right side

Has anyone mounted the masso controller/monitor on the right side of the machine? It would fit my space better but not sure its worth the effort and/or cost. If you did, what all needed changing? Can some cables be swapped and relabeled?

I havent fully examined or tried the switch yet, but at a very quick glance it looks like I’ll need at least a Z and maybe X extension cable.

I’m guessing the 4ft cable extensions for the Elite machine ($157.50) are enough, but the price has me questioning if I care that much. Does anyone have any specs on the wire and types of connectors? I’ve got a lot of wire and shielding and wouldn’t mind making them if I knew what types of connectors they were.

You need the extension cable kit… same if you just want to have it home front right instead of front left

Nice didn’t see these up yet. Just ordered a set myself. Will be nice to get the controller on the right side