Controller / Cable enclosure for portability

This is the cabinet I build for my controller box, power cords, logic cables, switches, remote switches, wifi camera, wifi extender, laser controller - not installed yet, fan, power strip, etc.

My situation is that I live in southern Arizona in the winter and northern Arizona (high Country) in the summer. It a 90-minute commute and the summer temperature drops 20 degrees F. I work out of one stall in my garage. Space and portability are very important for me. My 1F Woodworker sets on a couple of foldup tables covered with a sheet of MDF.

When I first got the 1F I just plugged in cables and got them out of the way the best I could. I was not in a space where I could build a permanent cabinet to house the CNC because I will break it down and move it twice a year.

One step in improving the setup I built this cabinet. It holds most of the miscellaneous items for the CNC.

The base is a separate folding frame made of 1x3, with some hinges and dowels to hold the cabinet in place. It lays flat for transportation. The top has a raised edge so that I can leave, bits, tools, and the probe there and they won’t fall off

The left end has a fan, power outlets, and a master power switch. The fan runs continuously pushing air into the cabinet, I do need to add a filter on the fan. The outlets and the power strips inside the cabinet are controlled by a single switch. There are holes below the switch, and in numerous other places in the cabinet to allow for cables and power cords. The front cover is hinged to drop down for access and is close most of the time for airflow control.

There is a large power strip that is also controlled by the master switch on the left side. The cables, power cords, remote switch controllers lay in the bottom of the cabinet (not in view in this photo.

The right side is wide open to provide better access to the emergency stop and controller power switch. The controller is mounted on some standoffs so I can open the case to replace sd cards.

This setup works for me. When I move (spring/fall) I put the 1F in the original packing boxes, unplug everything, and store as much as I can in the controller cabinet. I do not move the MDF tabletop or spoil board. The whole setup fits in the back of my SUV.