Ideas on how to mount a VFD

I am looking for ideas on how everyone mounted their VFDs. I haven’t mounted the controller yet either but have enough room to the side of the 1F.
I originally thought about mounting both in a drawer beneath the tabletop. Then I thought about making an enclosure for both along with a place to mount a 15" touchscreen.
Just having a hard time to commit.

There is no need (I believe) for the VFD to be right next to CNC or controller, so I placed mine in a cabinet with a viewing pane (keep dust away, but I can read any error warnings and rpm). The cabinet is on the wall behind my CNC high up on the right (it’s where my consumer unit is and where the 20 amp isolating switch resides).

It didn’t feel right having the cabinet (even though it is keyed) holding exposed power terminals too “available”.

My controller needs to be near the CNC (cable length limitations). It is screwed underneath the CNC table on the left. I felt it kept most of the dust away, is accessible, but I do get a cold draft on my leg from the fan.

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Hey Andy,

yes, when I saw your cabinet, I knew what I miss on my control cabinet :frowning:

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…think I got to put out my Wnętrze_pracującej_wyrzynarki

– Source: Jakub kowalski2, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons