VFD Enclosure Showcase

Evening everyone,

Just a quick teaser of the VFD Enclosure design I’ve been working on. I’ll edit this and post a full write-up when I have some time.

Feel free to ask questions or add criticisms. I’ll try to address them in the write-up.

Thanks for looking!


First of all, congrats on some fine drawings. Secondly, when you do get to finished, can you share some dimensions? (I have to wait for Ford to build me a truck, but I’m planning my CNC). Third of all, which spindle does that wiring diagram represent? (I’m eager for an 80mm ER20 spindle, though reluctant to go with water cooling) Excellent presentation.

Hey Rob!

The enclosure I got is a Vevor 16x12x8" (400x300x200mm in reality). It’s a little small, but it’ll actually work out fine for what I need. The VFD itself is supposed to have a certain minimum amount of airspace around it (I think 120mm above/below and 50mm on both sides) and this enclosure is just about perfect.

I designed this enclosure to be a complete solution for my spindle (Huanyang 2.2KW 220V 80mm ER20 Water cooled).

For safety, it uses a latching contactor circuit. This prevents the VFD from powering back up after a power outage, and it also disconnects the plug from the VFD so that you won’t get a nasty shock if you touch the prongs after unplugging (if the capacitors are still charged).

It has a line filter to help prevent EMI from affecting the controller or motors. Additionally, all cables will be double-shielded.

For the water cooling, it has a dedicated pump outlet that is triggered by the relay inside the VFD when the spindle is running. That relay also turns on the enclosure fan.


Excellent plan. I’m following along, adopting as I learn.

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Why not go for the water cooling? I purchased one gallon of antifreeze and a empty clean five gallon bucket, poured in the antifreeze and another two gallons of water, drop in a $15 pump with a 1/4 inch outlet and you are good to go. This makes the motor running so quiet. You have no fan blowing to coil the coils so no noise to deal with.

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Looks great! The only thing I’d add is to put a filter choke on the output of the VFD.

I run an air cooled spindle and the tool cutting and the dust collector far out make noise then my spindle, just sayin.