About electrical enclosure

I have seen quite few posts talking about lots details of electrical enclosure for VFD and others. From what I learnt, I have draw a diagram with component connections. I just want to get feedback to avoid any mistakes, before I really start to build it. Below is the diagram:

I have collected the major parts, like 2.2kw water cooled spindle and Hitachi WJ200-022SF VFD. Please recommend the following items if you know that can be matched to the spindle and VFD:

  • NO emergency switches
  • EM filter1: before power input to VFD
  • EM filter2: between VFD output and spindle
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Perhaps you could also add your plans for the earth grounding and shielding connections in your drawings. I have the same VFD series, but did not add any components after the VFD - I believe the manual mentions the option for a radio noise filter and an AC reactor. I followed much of the content in Clough42’s video series (ATC Spindle Parts 1, 2, and 10 in particular) as it most closely resembled the functionality of my Masso G3 ATC build.

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