Enclosure for VFD

Does a VFD need an enclosure or can you use it as is?

If you need an enclosure, any recommendations?

From what I understand, VFDs do not require enclosures, but with any electronic device in a dusty environment they are a good idea.
I will be looking for one soon, and will want to make sure it is large enough to accommodate the associated electronic components, as well as a good fan/vent. Most VFD manuals will have a section detailing much of the aforementioned (size, electronics, ventilation, etc…).

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Hey Martin,

VFD enclosure = Control cabinet


My VFD has exposed high voltage terminals so I felt I needed a cabinet.

Dust was then the next concern.

Recommendations are that you use a metal cabinet but I struggled to find one that was deep enough with a clear window in the door without it being the size of a small wardrobe. I ended up with a plastic one with a clear door.

Hey Andy, hey Tom, hey Martin, hey all,

my VFD, the Omron MX2 (2.2 kW version), is available in version with a IP54 case. I have never seen this version, but in the Omron MX2 User’s Manual, it is shown:


So much for how a manufacturer imagines a housing for its VFD.

Hey Martin,

if you want to build your own control cabinet with the VFD in it, here is some inspiration