Controller cut preview

In the web console it shows a preview of what is going to be cut when I upload or select a g-code file from the drop down. When i’m physically at the machine looking at the touch screen monitor hooked up to the controller i don’t see this. Is there any way to add this preview? I’m usually at the machine when i start a job and it would be nice to see a preview before starting it just as a final check.


Unfortunately this is a limitation on the RasPi, so it can not be displayed… I take my iPad and do a remote to see it…

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Hi Dean,
How do you do that?

Assuming you have you Controller connected to WiFi or your home network, via an ethernet cable, If you type the IP address, that appears on the upper left of your controller, on your iPad, Laptop or any other computer on the same network, the Controller screen mirrors to that device and you can control your 1F from that device the same way you can on the controller.

Exactly what Chris said… :point_up_2:t3:

Sorry I don’t have Wi-Fi out in shop. Any other way to connect the iPad?

Not that I am aware of… I do believe there is a thread on this site about connecting you laptop directly to the 1F controller with an ethernet cable and accessing that way, but don’t recall the thread title. If I run into it, I will come back and post.

Here is one I found. How To Connect To The Onefinity Controller Without A Screen Directly Connected Via The HDMI

and maybe this one with video… Direct connection from 1F controller to PC - #2 by Toml

I just use my laptop. Getting in the habit of looking at the preview has saved me a couple of times. Thinking I had Z Zero set to top of material but it was from machine bed. Caught the issue by reviewing the preview… Saved me from messing up the job.

you can set up a ‘wifi’ connection in the shop, just without internet. A router will still connect a laptop to the controller even if internet isn’t connected to the router.

I haven’t had the need to do this, but If i’m not mistaken i believe alternatively you can use your controller as an access point and have your laptop connect to it directly (no router required). it should show up in your available networks list on laptop assuming you have the 1F controller configured as an access point instead of having it to join an existing network.