Creating a spoil board with one finity woodworker - vCarve Pro

After a ½ day working on getting a file to flatten my waste board, I give up for today. It should not be this hard.
First off I’m working with the One Finity Woodworker, 32 x 32 and using Vcarve Pro. The work area is set to 32 x 32. The square for the waste Board is set to 32 X 32. I have it set up to do the perimeter first and then to do the balance in raster @ 90 degrees.
I homed the machine and start the job without the bit to make sure it’s going to work as expexted. As soon as the job starts, the y rail moves up an entire inch to start the perimeter. It should start at its home point, right?
The 3D view is perfect, so why is the job starting one inch into “Y” when it should start a 0 “Y”?

What diameter bit are you using? Have you set the diameter properly in the tool database and toolpath?

If you have not seen it, take a look at this video. It is a good one on flattening spoil board. Spoilboard Surfacing - Two ways - YouTube

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Hi Guy!
Give me a call and I’ll help you get going

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